Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Suisun City Marina

The day was everything an artist could ask for. Great sun and warm with only a small breeze blowing. I was in Suisun City, The marina is very tidy and those are the city office buildings across the way. We all found different places to paint. I was visited by all of the walkers along the marina and that included a group of kids from Ecuador. They had just arrived a week ago to spend the summer working at 6 Flags. They had lots of questions and we chatted for a long time about what to see and do in Northern CA. I was not happy with my work today. I really wanted to underpaint my background and then come back to it. As it turned out it was too strong a value. My boats need lost edges. I felt like I was a beginner with my watercolor work. Some days no matter what, the painting does not come together the way I want it.

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Morgan Wright said...

My first impression was a nice fresh summer look. Summer heat has lots of hard edges. I like the painting, myself. Maybe you are too critical?