Monday, March 24, 2014


I ventured from my favorite watercolor painting to trying some acrylics.  It is a big adjustment for me but because they dry so fast, there is a way to complete the painting in one sitting.  This is a large painting (20X16) but I thought that I would leave it at stages and work on it as I saw fit.  This is not something that I do with watercolor.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

One Tree Hill

Painted yesterday at the Rominger farm in Winters, CA.  We were taken to a hill that overlooked the entire world.  It was spectacular.  The hills were like huge moguls and were green from the the recent rain.  One can look across the vista to the city of Sacramento (just behind the tree on the hill).  It was a bird's eye view.  I had an urge to ride a motorcycle across all of these wonderful cushy hills similar to skiing down a mountain.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Yacht Club

Plein air painting was difficult due to the wind.  I have not painted for months on San Francisco Bay and was anxious to get back there.  We went to Tiburon, found a close parking spot, and set up for painting.  It wasn't long before an easel blew over and then another painters paper flew off the easel. Nothing landed in the water.  The sun was warm and brilliant but that wind kept gusting.  Wind is the most difficult condition to deal with when out painting.  We could not shield ourselves from the wind gusts.

I did no sketching but set up and painted quickly.  This is a much edited scene from what was out there. Probably, that was fortunate, since I was done in an hour.  I will need to return since there were so many things I wanted to paint.