Thursday, May 24, 2012

Davis Barnyard

Madonna once said it is better to live a day as a tiger than a hundred days as a sheep.  These three sheep huddled in the corner and watched me paint.  If one moved the others moved behind.  They are amazingly timid animals.  Their defense is to get behind.  This is my favorite barn and while painting it, the farmer came by and said he was 'getting after it' which means repairs.  I told him that I liked it as is, even missing quite a large number of boards.  It draws me every time I pass by.  I like painting it in the early morning but this day didn't start until 10AM.  This timing must have upset the sheep.

A Field of Nettles

Out to paint a plein air landscape and surrounded by a field of these barbed plants.  They grow to 4 or 5 feet in height and are said to sting.  I became fascinated with them and decided to paint a few that were staring me in the face.  Every hair and projectile appears to be barbed.  This should surely keep any animals from eating them.  Will need some research to learn about them.  They do appear prehistoric and well armed.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Bone Yard

I love a farm with a bone yard.  This farm had the most authentic of bone yards that I have come across.  It was hard to stay with painting one subject.  On this farm, when machinery has seen their final chore, they are left in somewhat random order and they actually corrode back into the earth.  The rigs take on human qualities of aging.  Eyes are falling out and hips are out of joint with flattened feet.  Their skin has dry rot and there are cataracts and bad wiring.  Peering inside there are loads of spiders and webs with the stuffing all but disappeared from the seats.  There were generations of bulldozers, tractors and trucks laying around.  I am happy that there is such a place for my painting but on my ride home I heard a pitch on the radio for donation of old cars and trucks regardless of working order.  You phone and they come and get it.  Wow, do they really mean that.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Racing with the Fog

This the 75th birthday of our grand landmark, the Golden Gate Bridge.  I painted the scene from Fort Baker which is below the bridge and allows a view of the lighthouse underneath and the fog rolling in off the Pacific.  During the summer months the fog is very regular in timing.  It comes over the hills from Stinson Beach and rolls down over the highway and over the bridge.  It is thick and stays in a mass and then starts to have parts break off.  There are places on the Bay that seldom get covered by the fog.  When living in Tiburon, I could witness this daily summer event because we were the last to be covered. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Morning Walkers

We are enjoying some wonderful spring weather and I have been out painting.  There is a lot of pollen in the air resulting in itchy eyes, runny nose and cough.  The photo above shows the gravel road and small bridge over a creek.  The painting below was done in an hour and half.  I paint fast to keep a fresh look to my work.  I textured the roadway by spattering paint.  The only disturbance was a farmer in a pickup truck that whizzed by and kicked up lots of dust.  It was otherwise a peaceful outing.