Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Bone Yard

I love a farm with a bone yard.  This farm had the most authentic of bone yards that I have come across.  It was hard to stay with painting one subject.  On this farm, when machinery has seen their final chore, they are left in somewhat random order and they actually corrode back into the earth.  The rigs take on human qualities of aging.  Eyes are falling out and hips are out of joint with flattened feet.  Their skin has dry rot and there are cataracts and bad wiring.  Peering inside there are loads of spiders and webs with the stuffing all but disappeared from the seats.  There were generations of bulldozers, tractors and trucks laying around.  I am happy that there is such a place for my painting but on my ride home I heard a pitch on the radio for donation of old cars and trucks regardless of working order.  You phone and they come and get it.  Wow, do they really mean that.

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