Friday, September 25, 2015

Sand Dunes and Salty Air

Sand dunes are so calming to observe. We live on a sand bar here at Cape Cod so there are plenty of dunes to see. They become carved by the wind and support the growth of grasses. I found these next to a beach parking lot and sketched. I then wandered up close and there was a beauty getting her tan inside the dunes. Wow. The sand dune is very easy to sketch and then it is a selection of colors to match the grasses both close and afar. It was a beautiful day to paint.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Round Cove Afternoon

Round Cove is quiet this afternoon. One sailor is out in a good breeze. It is autumn and the air is clear with a brilliant sun. The temperature reached only 70 degrees. This is ideal painting weather. I used my next to last sheet of watercolor paper. I leave the Cape in a few more days. That should be fine but I have a habit of painting on the other side of a finished painting. This confuses people when they find it in my rack. Round Cove has lots of boats moored so I only selected a few. The green grass growing along the edge is overpowering. There is a sand bar in the background leaving a way out of the cove. The grassy slope of the distant hill is bathed in sunlight. What a sight.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Listing to Starboard

I've painted this fish shack many times. It is still standing. You cannot see the huge chain under the house between the pilings. It is to prevent it floating away. It is tilted and there used to be a 'for sale' sign out in front. The tilt increases each year. Today is the first day of fall. There is a chill in the morning but the sun is warm and bright. A few breezes are blowing and I have the place to myself.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Cranberry Bog

Saturday was the Stroll. Artists and musicians spread out around the cranberry bog in Harwich. People come to this conservation site and meet you. They buy raffle tickets and drop them off with various artists for a chance to win the painting that is being done. The artist donates the paintings to the Conservatory to raise funds to maintain the area. I chose a spot in the shade and spotted a few birch trees. Birch trees are rare on Cape Cod. The white/black contrast of them makes a very graphic image and I used them for a focal point in the painting. It was another great day painting on Cape Cod.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Kayaking the Bog

Such a great day for painting. I was out to Bells Neck in Harwich and met up with a couple of guys crabbing. I remember the days when I could not drag my kids away from this place when catching crabs. Sun was brilliant and the air clear. I did block the path into the little wooden bridge so I could paint in the shade. Usually, this is a buggy place but there was not one to bother. The tide was just starting in and along came some kayaks. I've wanted to put them in my painting but they don't stay around long enough. Yesterday, while painting at the river, several were preparing their kayaks so I sketched them. We are having the best weather for painting on Cape Cod that I can ever remember. I had fun but the crabbers were drawing up empty baskets.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Red Canvas Cover

What a beautiful morning for painting.  At the end of the river was a brilliant red covered boat.  People were busy putting in their kayaks.  I set up my umbrella and started sketching.  The tide was coming in and the paddlers were going upstream to take advantage.  Cape Cod is magnificent at this time of year.  The light is bright and everything pops.  Great place to be painting.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Brewster General Store

No Big Box stores in Brewster.  They are not needed with the Brewster General Store.  It has everything you need.  The building could have been a church but it has always been the store since I came here. The windows on the sides look like stained glass.  It is a very tall structure with a road in front and a highway (Rt. 6A) in front of that.  I did many sketches but did not want only a building so moved closer.  There was much to put in and leave out.  The cantilevered front roof is supported by very ornate angle structures.  In front of the steps are more benches and market umbrellas.  The sun was overhead and it was a beautiful morning. Several tourists stop and take pictures.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Lazy River on a Hot Day

It's September here on Cape Cod.  The weather is supposed to be cool and fall-like but it is hot.  I think this is the warmest day of summer. I used my umbrella and with the breeze, it was very comfortable.
The color of the river is this dark greenish brown but the breeze brings out a very blue sparkle.  I tried getting that with manganese blue and some dry brush strokes.  It was somewhat successful.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Harwich Port, Cape Cod

From previous sketches, I put together this monochromatic painting.  The whites all interconnect leading you into town.  They are created by leaving the paper clear.  It is a fun exercise, especially with all of the wet into wet background.