Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Old City of Cartegena

I did this acrylic painting from my sketches and photos from Cartegena, Colombia. We had a wonderful trip there and explored the old city for a week. The city was walled in after many ships bombarded it and stole all of its treasures in the early days of the Spanish explorers. It is now being restored and we had the opportunity to see it with one of the architects who has done much of the historical research and work. The streets are very narrow with balconies and flowers. The buildings are colorful and this church looked like the frosting on a wedding cake. It was extremely ornate and colorful. I did a wash of acrylic paint over the buildings on the left so the the church would stand alone as a center of interest. Like my teacher used to say, 'you can have only one bride'.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Farmland Color Change

Waiting for autumn color on my patch in the world has taken great patience. There are many farms here where I have painted but, thus far, little fall foliage color. We are pretty warm during the day and that may have something to do with change. So, in this painting, this is what I imagine I would like to see. Why not create your own? I did thicken my watercolor paint with some Aquapasto, a product made by Winsor Newton. It is fun to push the color around with this and I think I will bring it with me when out painting on location.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Uncles

Bluefish Inn

I painted this during the summer and I just redid it. The light hit this building in such a spectacular way, that I had to stop and paint. It was a Sunday morning and though, not sure, I guess the two women were returning from church, the way they were dressed. The greens of the trees were lush and I mixed several different ones that complimented the yellow orange of the Inn. It was a fun day painting

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Ice Cream Man

A major attraction at our beach is the arrival of the truck with the ice cream man. There is a rapid migration up from the beach with the little ones leading the way. I think that he schedules an appearance twice a day. This is from memory and done in acrylic.