Thursday, November 12, 2009

Plein Air Painting in Martinez

Last week went off to Martinez, CA to paint with a plein air group. It was a good experience that included new friends, a cookout, and a very friendly critique of everyone's work. There were plenty of good works from this group that meets weekly.
Martinez is a major train hub and I doubt that many get a full night of sleep with all of the whistles that sound from arriving and departing trains. I loved it.
My painting was done on the edge of the marsh with the bright sky emerging. There was no egret, but I needed a focal point and some balance to the weight of objects on the left side.

Davis Joints

Got out early Saturday morning to paint and got a close-up viewpoint of two Davis eateries, side-by-side. The shadows were the attraction for me along with the warm colors of both buildings. The lost edges and cool notes gave me great satisfaction with the painting. There were plenty of early risers from the nearby hotel who were in town for a football game.

It's all about laundry

I have shown this one before but found myself painting another laundry scene yesterday. Must be my helping out at home that has focused me on domestic activities. One group washes in the river and the other hangs the laundry out to dry. Do you know that the ordinance in my town had to be changed to allow hanging laundry out to dry! We are all going green.