Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Dixon Fishing Club

Away outside of the little town of Dixon, CA lies the fishing club. There is a long dirt road leading to it. The grounds are more like an oasis since for miles around there is nothing but grazing land and very few trees. But in the little patch there are trees and water with some small boats and a pier to fish from. All of this was in play as we arrived this morning. The heat had not got that high and there was a slight breeze. There were bugs; those intolerable gnats. The sun was bright and you could see the tiny black specs on your skin as the gnats found you. Between itches, a spilt water bottle in my case and trying to stay in some shade, I finished painting this scene. My trees are more like I want them but I still experiment. Using a fully water loaded brush with bright yellow green I start on the lighted side. Then follow with a darker shade of green before things are dry. I keep the leaf making to a minimum. I recently saw some watercolors by Direk Kingnok, and found his painting of trees and vegetation to my liking. You know it's a tree, even a certain type of tree but there is minimal detail. I want to do something like that.

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