Friday, May 20, 2016

Old and New Horsepower

On Wednesday, our group traveled out to a farm near Rio Vista. This place had the goods. They never threw away a piece of equipment but let it gather rust and sit where it ended its tour. There were plenty of rusted parts, tractors, and trucks for painting. I loved seeing the old dozer next to the newest truck; this was my subject. The day was hot, near 100 degrees with the sun beating down and no shade. I sketched quickly and when painting, was discovered by tiny black bugs. They gathered on my paper and were biting. Out with my bug spray but not in time. Maybe you've had a day like this. Ground too solid to put up an umbrella, the wind gusting, and then my easel got temperamental with collapsing legs. I know I had it coming after so many good days to paint on location.

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