Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Rocky Shore of Putah Creek

It did not look like a day to paint outdoors. We went to the further end, upstream, of Putah Creek and settled in with some fishermen. The clouds were onerous and the winds were starting. Then, a few bright lights and finally the sun came out. My sky changed from clouds with large areas of black to some blue. I washed out my start and tried to go with the more interesting sky. The rocks are huge and the moss and grasses are very yellow green from all of the rains we've had. The creek is greenish. The rocks look like they could slide into the creek. Dark round holes are in around the bottoms of rocks. Someone might be at home. After a casual start, the winds gained and my pallet went flying. After bungying that down, my painting and backing which were hooked to my easel come right at me. I hurried to a finish as did the others, and we went to lunch.

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