Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Farm

I went out painting this morning. Recently had eye surgery and have one eye patched. I feel great so what better thing to do than paint plain air. It is Art-Ag day here where a farm is designated for study by artists. Weather beautiful, so off driving with one eye, found my spot and setup my easel. There was quite a gathering this morning. Things are different with one eye. I am not sure whether my brush is touching the paper. Depth is lost but I am sure that I can get used to it during this recovery. Another problem that happened was that I brought a sheet of watercolor paper (or so I thought) and when I started to wet it, it was more like mat board. I started this painting by first using my darks and connecting them before painting the rest. This is the opposite of the way I was trained where I paint my lightest colors and then add my middle values and then my darks are done last. This is a pretty simple composition and is different from my usual approach. I am back wetting my brushes.

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