Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Vacaville Hills

Our Plein Air Group was out this morning in Vacaville. It was chilly at the start but the sun was brilliant and the clouds kept gathering. After a couple of hours it was clouded over with dark shadows and looked like rain (we would love rain here in California). Recent rain has kept these hills green and beautiful. Painting hills means lots of graded washes to create roundness and depth. There is also the 'problem' of greens. I mixed all of the greens using raw sienna and Ultramarine or gamboge and ultra and then burnt sienna and sage green for the darkest values at the bottom. It never really warmed to comfortable but painting was fun.

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janet said...

I'm thankful for your paintings. I had to spend time in the Vacaville/Benicia area to visit with a relative residing in a senior center. I drove around a lot just exploring. Your paintings bring out that sweet, sad memorable time amidst beautiful scenery. I drove out Lake Herman Road and was told I shouldn't do that alone as a woman. Well, I'm glad I did, because it was so peaceful out there.