Saturday, April 25, 2015

On Call

Painted at the monthly Art and Ag out on a beautiful morning. Arrived shortly after 8AM and there were already plenty of people at the site. After meeting with many of the artists, I located a place to paint. There were 4 tractor types lined up along a road. I sketched and started painting when someone came and drove off with one of the tractors that I planned to put in my painting. I only roughly sketched the green tractor. This reminded me of a day on San Francisco Bay when I sketched a pile driver boat that had been tied up for months. I went to my car to get my paints and on return, found it being towed out to sea. I have a tendency to get into the details of something I don't know like this red tractor but you know that the other edited one that got away, is still a tractor. It shows how little detail is needed to make a tractor. We see symbols and our mind puts the rest together.

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