Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wash Day

Several years ago while painting in Acapulco, Mexico, someone took me to the river in the morning.  The water was shallow and strung across the water was laundry, hung out to dry.  There were rows and rows of sheets, clothes billowing in the breeze on makeshift clotheslines.  I climbed over the road fence with my easel and paints and trekked up the river bank.  It was not nice.  Rats scurried and there was garbage and trash all along the water line.  There, I saw the women, scrubbing the laundry.  Some of them had some shade from branches, others did not.  There was an assembly line from the wash tub to the clothesline.  I painted away as the sun rose and it got hot.  This is a redo of that original work.

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