Wednesday, August 14, 2013

HarwichPort Main Street

The rain ended this morning and bright sunshine brought many out.  Harwich is a popular town for visitors on Cape Cod.  A painting of this strip of Main Street is iconic.  It has two very important shops; for adults there is George's Pizza and for kids there is Dr. Gravity's Kite Shop.  George makes a delicious Greek Pizza and is always busy.  This is late morning and he already has customers.  The sun was nearly overhead and cast downward shadows.  The color of a cast shadow is a slightly complementary color to the surface it falls on.  So, the cast shadow that crosses white is blue and the cast shadow falling on red is a greenish red.

Had a lot of people stop and chat. I am amazed at how many paint watercolor.  I suppose painters find their way to the Cape to enjoy that special light and quaintness for painting.

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