Thursday, August 22, 2013

Cape Cod Morning

Yesterday, the morning was bright and sunny.  There was little shade near the beach and I had no umbrella. I worked fast and stood in some green off the road and kept wondering whether it was poison rash today. The area is called Bass Hole. It is in Yarmouth on the Bay side of Cape Cod.  There were visitors using the boardwalk.  There is a boat launch.  One little guy was very excited as his grandfather was launching and he was going deep sea fishing.

At the start when sketching, the land in the water was quite long but as I set up to paint, the tide came in quickly and everything grew smaller.  The sand dunes on the middle land were topped with dark green growies and the marsh grass was almost lime green.  These are colors that I rarely see on Cape Cod.  The water was very still.  I did most of the work on very wet paper and later added the shadows.

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