Thursday, December 13, 2012

Middle East Dream

I awoke from this dream of being somewhere in the middle east.  Maybe it was provoked by the nightly newscast.  I got up and painted some of what I imagined or dreamed.  I did it wet into wet so it was done very quickly and there are lost and soft edges.  I did wait for it to dry and put in shade and cast shadow but otherwise, let the paint run.  I have tried painting dream scenes before, but never remember detail.
At a younger age, I wondered whether my dreams were in color.  I only remembered the black and white ones and wondered if I was being cheated.  After all, dreams can be wonderful fantasies, and it would be so much less if only in black and white instead of technicolor.  Could I be having Grade B dreams?  I began taking notes when I first awoke and could still recall my dreams.  Specifically, I noted whether there was color.  The first time I was sure of color was in a dream with a red fire truck.  Wow.  Never made anymore notes.

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