Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Early Morning Start

What is it about boats, especially tugboats?  Maybe it stems from children's books about overcoming great odds, like 'The Little Engine That Could' or 'Tuffy, the Tugboat'.  When I lived by the wharfs in San Francisco, I witnessed alot of Tugboats at work.  The new modern version tugboat does not have a big smoke stack nor rubber tires attached.  They are muscle boats with improved windows on top and many search lights.  When I see one of these vintage editions, as in this painting, I just stop and take it in. 

I saw this photo and wanted to paint a tugboat.  I found some hot press paper which I rarely use and wet it.  With no pencil marks I put in a sky, and while wet, put in the hull and housing of the boat.  Next, the shoreline in the background was done and the paper was still wet.  I waited for some more dryness and lifted out the white for the top and then did some detail.  It all stayed together.

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