Saturday, May 28, 2011

Waitng for the 9:19

Took my group out on Friday morning for some plein air painting. Big turnout but the sun went in and the sky clouded over. We decided to paint a scene that included some of the Davis Train Station with our theme 'waiting for the train'. Being Friday with an up-coming holiday weekend, there was plenty of activity at the depot between trains. My initial sketch had some shadows so I put them in at the end. It is a problem painting at the station, since parking is limited to two hours. We made the most of it with some quick painting. I had a foreground to fill in but time ran out so I cropped it. (No parking tickets.)
I really value the time painting and teaching my group. During these sessions, I don't take the time to carefully paint, but I just let it go and try lots of things. I like to save time for some individual help and critique. The time goes quickly.

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