Thursday, February 24, 2011

Watercolors from Mexico

Some more of my watercolors done while in Mexico. There is such a relaxed atmosphere in the heat and beauty of the coastline, the risks of creativity, seem to dissipate. Yet, once engaged they return and you want to make something of your effort. The painting of the flower pot was done while on the patio of this little hotel. The other paintings were done on the first days on the beach. There is this intriguing tree in front of our place and I've painted it several times. That it continues to thrive and is even more robust than previous years is amazing. The trunk is dried and porous but encloses something that supports the green canopy.
Out on the point of this bay are huge waves and usually, plenty of surfers in the morning. The waves break from right to left, making it ideal for surfing. So many nice distractions for this painter.

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