Sunday, February 27, 2011

Troncones Hotspot

This painting is from sketches done last year in Troncones, Mexico. I wanted to try painting it again but, this time, mixing all of my color directly on the paper. The result was I achieved some pretty brilliant color which typifies Mexican buildings. I would call the real stucco color almost pure yellow, like a daffodil yellow. I started with cad yellow, added some opera and finished with raw sienna, all while still wet. I then lifted some of the color on the sun exposed side. The building color in back was done with raw sienna, followed by alizarin crimson and then cobalt blue. It's fun to experiment and at my stage, I'm not quite sure what the final color will be.
This composition is awkward. All the weight with the momma, papa, and baby sizes are on the right side. It needs something on the left for balance. Then again, with watercolors, you can always crop.

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