Thursday, April 3, 2008

Painting on location

Been out painting the past few days. The weather great and in a small town, Winters, CA. It is the great paint in. Lots of people roaming around painting here and there. Wondering what they have done. It is exciting, everyone doing a painting and there is going to be a show at the end of the week, It gets the juices flowing. There is nothing familiar in this town, so I feel like I can't use any of my tricks or filling in with something I've done before. It is a farm town that really respects the arts/ We will see on Sat. night when all of the paintings are up. Every paper or canvas requires a stamp indicating that it was not done before the paintout.

I had a great site today, but realized that I was standing on an ant hill. I had ants all over me and on all of my equipment. I imagined ants as I started to paint and want contantly scratching. Finished with a good painting which I will show you once the show is over. It is the creek that runs thru the town and is a great site.

Painting is away from all of the news. Nothing to do but listen to the sounds of the scene. It is a wonderful and relaxing way to spend a beautiful day. The Red Sox also won again yesterday. What could be better?

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