Sunday, May 15, 2011

On the Davis Greenbelt

Friday was the perfect day for painting en plein air. It was warm, sunny and without wind. I volunteer teach at the Senior Center and brought the class outside. For some, it was a first to see what the artist sees in nature. Many had to manage alot of stuff to get painting and were certainly not as comfortable as painting inside at a table. They are a wonderful group, good sports, who are excited to paint watercolors. They are also very appreciative and let me know it.
I stressed that it was not necessary or wise to paint the exact scene but to edit and use the things they like. Then, do some thumbnail sketches stressing value and composition. They are 75% done at that point and need to put it on watercolor paper with paint. Most were not finished and will complete at home and bring it in for critique next week. It is fun.

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