Thursday, October 13, 2016

A Drone View of the Vineyard

Fall weather has arrived in northern California. The grapes were all harvested and instead of feet stomping, a major action was taking place with huge vats, fork lifts that also turn the tubs of grapes upside down and hoses with grape juice. Lots of action. It was chilly at 8 AM but the tasting room of Matchbook winery was open to warm the three of us up. I painted this from the wide veranda overlooking the hills and vineyard. The sky had high clouds and was bright but without sunlight to cast shadows. I felt like a bird looking down. Last week I met an artist with a drone camera and he had wonderful pics of the river in Sacramento, so this could fall into the drone view. This was our monthly Ag-Art group but there were not a lot of artists there. It is repeated on Saturday with music, food and wine. Maybe...

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