Sunday, February 8, 2015

Alleyway to the Beach

Returned last evening from the warmth and sun of Mexico. It is raining here in California and we welcome it for our severe drought. This painting was done on location right next to a primary school. All of the children would come to the corner of their play area and tell me how well I was doing with my painting. Of course, they spoke Spanish to me so I am not sure about all of the critiques but I did hear something that made me think they liked it. (Wish I spoke some Spanish.) The painting hue is done in a high key. I see this after getting it back home, but while painting in the bright sunlight it is difficult to judge the values in a painting. I just keep comparing and see relative differences. The horses are left there and keep being moved or exchanged as someone comes to ride them. The lane is also used by the local taxi group and they park cars in the lane. Despite all of the distractions, I would do it again as it is quite enjoyable.

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