Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Brewster Grist Mill

It was so nice to be out painting yesterday.  I've had 3 false starts and finally finished a plein air painting.  Brewster is a quaint old town on Cape Cod with this nice park and the Grist Mill.  The water runs down behind and in front of the paddle wheel.  It was a cool shady morning at the start but the sun finally caught up with me.  I had several interested vacationers come by and comment.

We are in a prolonged heat wave and, fortunately, I have A/C at my cottage so get a good nights' sleep.  Have been cooking with the clams I harvest from the harbor and have had plenty of happy  diners.  It is hectic around here but fun with all of the family and friends from years past.  Celebrated my grandson's 9th birthday with an ice cream cake and lots of presents.  It is great to see these kids on the beach going from one activity to another.

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