Saturday, March 2, 2013

Left Turn to Locke, CA

Up early this morning to paint in Locke, CA.  It was an old Chinese settlement.  They were the laborers that built the levees along the Delta.  This is a waterway that is a continuation of San Francisco Bay up into the Sacramento region.  I have painted in Locke many times but always down in the town.  The bottom picture shows what you see from riding along the levee road.  You make a left turn down the hill into Locke.  The sun did come out and it was a very nice day. 
I painted close to where the bottom photo was and there were many speeding cars and motorcycles along the road.  Makes you stay alert.  There is so much clutter in and around the old structures which are mostly closed up.  The corrugated sheet metal shows corrosion.  The porches are hanging and closed on many of the buildings.  Despite all of this, people still live in Locke and it attracts lots of tourists, including painters.

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