Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bone Yard at Muller Ranch

Just returned from painting at Muller Ranch in Yolo, CA.  What a beautiful day for plein air painting.  My painting location was found at the first stop on this huge ranch of vineyards and olive trees.  I am fascinated with old farm equipment and there was plenty of stuff here, although, not very old or bone like.  The owner told me that they replace stuff all the time so nothing remains for long.  The colors caught my eye in this nice sunny spot. 

I tried to connect all of the 'stuff'.  Putting things in front of or overlapping creates new subjects and ties them into the composition.  For example, the barrel was off alone and I painted it in front of the bright yellow box which overlaps the grey box.  It wasn't difficult because most of the stuff was already pushed together.

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