Friday, June 15, 2012

Lake Solano Campground

Wonderful weather and view of Lake Solano in Winters, CA.  An opportunity to mix a few varied greens and put a canoe in the Lake.  The birds, especially, the peacocks gathered around as we painted.  I think the peacocks are be used to campers and being fed.  The hills are dried out now with the hot summer days.

I tried to paint the bridge in a recognizable likeness, but did not want it dominant.  The canoe is the focal point. I used the bridge cast shadow and supports to direct the attention to it.

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brthomas said...

Excellent painting! The day I was at Lake Solano I got a photo of the red canoe on Lake Solano. The peacocks walking around at Lake Solano are prized subjects for photographers because that is a way we can get some bright colors into our compositions.