Friday, February 24, 2012

Barbados Home

One last watercolor sketch that was done in Barbados.  I was struck by the extremes of neighbors.  This house is on a choice lot across from the beach.  Next door could be a McMansion and the explanation is that homes belonging to the original slave families were moved to various locations away from the sugar cane fields where they were originally.  These chattel houses are of wood with a door and windows on the front.  Many have undergone major alterations while many are in terrible disrepair.  It is difficult to establish title for them so they remain propped on cinder blocks. 
The house I painted above is not a chattel house because of the concrete sides but it is very old.  It has held up during hurricanes and the weather from the sea it faces.  I wished that I could have painted more but was busy seeing the island.  The weather was hot and the people very friendly.

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