Monday, January 30, 2012

The Hills of Green Valley Road

Sunday was a magnificent day for painting.  Our group gathered off Green Valley Road in Cordelia, CA.  Everyone did a wonderful painting, whether it was the hills or the vineyards.  The rain that arrived last week made everything very green. These smooth hills always look like they are covered with velour and I have this fantasy of riding a motorcycle over them. 
I painted the hills and gave them some roundness by using graded washes.  All was quiet out there.  I didn't see any birds so left them out.  I wish there were a couple of cows to add.  When I use this sketch for a studio painting, I will put some cows on this beautiful green pasture.

1 comment:

marco machado said...

Its a good art job, it´s not so easy to work with colors on landscape like you do. hugs