Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Morning of Plein Air Painting

Headed off to Winters, CA for some morning painting. Weather was perfect after a big black cloud passed. This first painting is a house on the river which lists to the left and has a serious bump in the roof. Someone lives in it as proven by the parked cars. The vegetation is overgrown and the fence is being pulled by the structure. I expect one day to see it flat on the ground. Location, location, location.

This painting was done in 40 minutes. I was amused by the back doors into this corrugated building off a parking lot. Three different entries and different forms of cooling, from an open door to swamp cooler and A/C. It probably gets pretty warm inside. It is a blue painting with a few warm notes. Winters has everything for the painter's imagination. The downtown is original and there are plenty of farms. It is charming and would be my choice for a studio.

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