Saturday, April 2, 2011

Contented Cows

What a wonderful week of weather for plein air painting. I was across the highway from this barn. I originally went to the house on the side but no one but a dog was home. So, rather than stay there with the dog barking, I moved across the road. A couple of years ago, a dog, out of sight, barked as I sketched and got ready to paint. All of a sudden, an angry pit bull came racing at me dragging his chain...never finished the scene. There is always a curious cow that gets a close view of you by standing and staring. As I said, in a previous post, the grass is very, very green do to weeks of rain. I toned it down a bit.
The Winters Plein Air Festival ends today with a gallery show. Winters is buzzing today with tents set up for wine tasters and the usual breakfasters. The week always ends with a 'quick draw' in which you start and finish a painting between 9AM and noon. Part of the allure of plein air painting is listening to all the sounds, talk and enjoying the aromas from big breakfasts. Winters is the place for breakfast.

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