Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Rickety Porches of Locke, CA

Last weekend, I was painting on a sunny day in Locke, CA. The place has changed from the '80's when I painted these same buildings. The long stilts that hold up porches are repaired for some. But others still have doors opening with nothing but a big drop! In setting up to paint, you are very close since the street is narrow. This is my painting above.
I took it home and wondered what it might look like if I had a bird's eye view of the buildings. I hurried this off and made it more horizontal than before. Next, I did the worm's eye view of the structures and tried to give them more Oriental coloring. I liked this view the best.
Lastly, I wondered what Klee would have seen if painting these porches, so I tried to abstract them in his mode.
My watercolor painting style is expressionist, since the structures are recognizable. I think that abstract art is a further step and envy the abstract artist who can do it. In watercolor painting I try to think several steps ahead but abstraction is thinking an order ahead. Expressionism is creating conflict from reality and requires value, temperature and color changes. When someone asks for me to do a painting of their house, I am not sure that they will recognize it when I'm done. My right brain is getting heard from.

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