Tuesday, October 26, 2010

House up on the hill

The Crockett paintout only allowed 3 paintings to be entered into the show. I chose this one although I had several others. I liked this painting because I had a fun day painting and was encouraged by so many painters that day. I was undisturbed except for neighborhood dogs which kept up a steady bark.
I am ready again to show my paintings without glass. After this outstanding show with many wonderful paintings, I feel that paintings done in oil and acrylic show better because there is no glass. I experimented with this before but did not like painting on Aquaboard or fabric with watercolor paint. It is too thin and does not allow the usual watercolor techniques. (See earlier blog.) The answer is to paint on paper and adhere the paper to board and varnish it. My attempts at using paper worked, except that the paper began pealing away from the foamcore, so that was not the answer. I think that I will use watercolor paper again and find a better adhesive for it on board. It can then be framed and shown without glass or matting. I think that this is the way to show watercolor. Paper allows the advantages of the transparent media, washes, lost edges and everything that is watercolor. It ends up having the permanence of an oil with the varnish finish.

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