Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Summer on Cape Cod

There are many wonderful distractions while trying to paint on Cape Cod. Many long lost friends drop by along with many guests that keep the cottage buzzing. One invited me clamming and from that moment on, my refrigerator was always full of little necks and cherry stones. (That's me, clamming.) I prepared lots of clam chowder, linguini clam sauce and plenty of raw clams. I tried fritters and stuffies, ie, clams casino and Rockefeller. We had plenty of beer, wine and other stuff to go with provocative conversations. Our greatest conflicts were what to prepare for meals, what wine to match and what book to read next. I think it is all very healthy.

The painting resulted from a quick sketch of the corn stand up the road from the beach. The fresh corn starts arriving at the end of July. It is delicious. I have trouble telling my California friends that it costs $0.69 per ear. What do you expect at the beach? My friends, Dan and Diane fly in carrying 40 lb of fresh garden tomatoes and my wife has basal in the garden. Great sustenance for the summer.

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