Thursday, January 8, 2009

Painting on clayboard

Happy New Year. The weather got gloomy, damp and cold so I went to still life painting. Have not done this for so long, that I could get excited about it. This was done on aquaboard or the new clayboard for watercolor. It is different and I am not used to it. I like to paint with my paper almost vertical and that won't work with the board. Water practically runs off when painting wet. Laying it flat overcomes that issue. What I like about it is the brilliance of color. Now if I can keep that when I varnish, I will keep working at this.

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pattrisha said...

Hey Mateo
I enjoy the way your still life literally vibrates with color. The aquaboard allows the pigment to stay on the surface instead of soaking in like on paper. I would love to see a Dr Gravity on the board! Will you send some warm sun this way? I am withering
Pattrisha on Cape