Friday, December 19, 2008

Back in Mexico

It's December and I have neglected the site. I was in Mexico over the Thanksgiving holiday and got some painting done. It was grand to sit on the beach with old friends and just gab. Lots of surfers including my kids who came along. Many stories but the scariest was my rental car had the oil light come on while heading to the airport. Stopped, found oil leaking, left the car, and got a taxi to the airport for my flight home. Hertz contacted and they picked up the car. Next, my credit card had a $4700 USD charge. No explanation; the ball is now in my court to file a claim. Here is some of my recent work while in Mexico.

The top one was done on a rural road and I soon had about 20 kids, first watching and then pulling out my brushes and turning the bolts on my easel. I then felt something warm on the back of my leg and this little naked kid was peeing on me. Quite a day.

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