Sunday, November 9, 2008

I've been away experimenting with some new presentations. My goal; paint with transparent watercolor and display without glass. I have only read about this on the internet. I tried the special canvas for watercolor but was not happy with the outcome. The watercolor medium is too thin when painting wet, and the fabric shows through. I next tried some clayboards made for watercolor. I find them difficult to paint on because I like to paint with my paper nearly vertical. These clayboards do not hold a wash and leave hard edges. I painted this picture of pomogranates on clayboard and just barely tilted it and then did some dry painting. I think that it works. I then put on the gel and sprayed the varnish a few times. Without the glass there is much more punch to the color and no reflection. My next experiment is to use adhesive to put paper on masonite and see how that works.

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