Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Making my summer plans

I spend my summers on Cape Cod. It is the great escape that provides lots of different painting venues along with wonderful friends. We have a cooperative gallery there where I exhibit my paintings and sell some. I love painting Main Street in Harwich Port. It used to be mine exclusively, but now, everyone has a version of it. Here are two views from last year.

By July I'll be there but already dreaming of the fresh fish dinners prepared in my little cottage by the sea. Lots of company and long suppers with lots of wine make a special brand of magic. The biggest concerns; what to read and keeping the wine supply up. What a life.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Plein air painting

This is the main street of Winters, CA. We had a wonderful time painting with great weather and plenty of artists. I did set up in one field to paint a barn only to be confronted by a snarling dog dragging a chain. Hmm, need to add dog biscuits along with bug spray and sunbloc to my painting kit. Three of my paintings are in the Briggs Gallery in Winters, with one of them with a tiny red dot (sold). Yea!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Painting on location

Been out painting the past few days. The weather great and in a small town, Winters, CA. It is the great paint in. Lots of people roaming around painting here and there. Wondering what they have done. It is exciting, everyone doing a painting and there is going to be a show at the end of the week, It gets the juices flowing. There is nothing familiar in this town, so I feel like I can't use any of my tricks or filling in with something I've done before. It is a farm town that really respects the arts/ We will see on Sat. night when all of the paintings are up. Every paper or canvas requires a stamp indicating that it was not done before the paintout.

I had a great site today, but realized that I was standing on an ant hill. I had ants all over me and on all of my equipment. I imagined ants as I started to paint and want contantly scratching. Finished with a good painting which I will show you once the show is over. It is the creek that runs thru the town and is a great site.

Painting is away from all of the news. Nothing to do but listen to the sounds of the scene. It is a wonderful and relaxing way to spend a beautiful day. The Red Sox also won again yesterday. What could be better?