Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Puerto Escondido; Punta Zicatela

My good friend, David, showed up for lunch in Troncones. I told him about my sore ribs and the need to cool it for awhile; we had some wonderful wines and he left inviting me to his place in Puerto Escondido. It is called Roco Rohas and is out at the tip of the Punta Zicatela. Truly a magnificent view. Red rocks with iguanas keeping watch. It is very private and the home is an architectual gem. Every view is framed and at night the lighting; done by an artist, exaggerates interesting shadows on walls and ceilings. Wow! I'll never forget Puerto Escondido and will return for the surf and some more painting. It is way down on the Pacific coast of Oaxaca. Not east to get to, unless willing to ride a coach or make a few plane connections.

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