Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Old Cranberry Bog

This was my final day of painting on Cape Cod.  I returned to the Harwich Conservation Area where I had painted earlier in the month.  The morning was crisp but sunny.  The area is an overgrown cranberry bog for the most part but has this water channel running through it.  There are birds chirping, crows squawking and even a fox out for a stroll.  It is fall and there are plenty of yellow and red colors to add variety.  It is a wonderful day for the senses.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Autumn on the Herring River

There is a nip in the air.  The greens are now golden.  Birds seem to be more active.  We went to our spot on Thursday to paint.  The tide seemed to be running out and it was quiet but beautifully sunny on the river.  What a day to paint.  I captured the furthermost house with its boat in front and chose to ignore the few houses along the road on the left side of the river.  That way, I have a focal point that is not compromised.  The eye path has a reward at the end.  I finished the entire painting on site and have not done any more to it.  It was a great day of painting.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sand Dunes and Salty Air

A private beach on Narragansett Bay off Cape Cod.  The perfect setting for wading and playing with the kids.  There are lots of sand dunes where I live.  You can have your own private spot.  Dunes are a challenge to paint with the shadow and sand color.  The sand doesn't stay the same depending on where the grasses are growing.  I probable would have an easier time if I got out there at sunrise or sun set to catch shadows.