Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Bells Neck

Battled bugs at Bells Neck and painted fast. I was covered with insect repellent but got plenty of bites. It is very humid this morning and I think that sweat attracts bugs. The painting was easy now that I am ready with many greens to mix. The bright green is a combination of quinacridone gold and sap green. Works great. I wanted to put a kayak into the scene but could not fit it in and so used an old birch that was still standing to have some focal area.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Hydrangea Festival

Yesterday was the Hydrangea Festival and every artist is assigned an area for painting. I painted in the Camp Ground. This is an old religious site that evolved into very small houses that then grew into closely packed houses that are mainly rentals. They are all very interesting; some originals that you could not get a family size pizza into. Lots of hydrangeas grow on Cape Cod. There is no shortage of places to paint. I am not a flower painter but liked the area with its hill and tall trees.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Herring River Redox

There were only 4 of us painting this morning. We were at the Herring River. It was a very bright hazy day at the start. The morning then became a little foggy and then dark. The rain had come earlier and the humidity was very high. My colleagues seemed unsure about finishing and packed up early. I stayed the course. The water was challenging with its cast reflections that kept changing. It ranged from very much white to big dark cast shadows. I was interested to see the cast reflections were darker than the actual color of the greens.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Ready to Sail

It was the day after a big 4th of July celebration and we came out to Wychmere Harbor to paint. I did several sketches and found these two getting the sails ready. They came by and I asked if they were going out once the sails were ready. "Naw, not until afternoon." I finished sketching and set up the easel to start painting. When I was ready the sailboat was gone. I did have the sketches, so went ahead with painting. It was such a beautiful day.