Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Pumphouse

A cloudless sky and sunny morning started the day but it changed completely in an hour. I had a quick sketch with my shadows in before the clouds arrived and the sun was gone. I was at an Art-Ag event with lots of artists again today. I had both eyes working today and my painting went along fine. This old dilapidated pump house was appealing to many of the painters so I joined in and did my version. The sun never returned.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Farm

I went out painting this morning. Recently had eye surgery and have one eye patched. I feel great so what better thing to do than paint plain air. It is Art-Ag day here where a farm is designated for study by artists. Weather beautiful, so off driving with one eye, found my spot and setup my easel. There was quite a gathering this morning. Things are different with one eye. I am not sure whether my brush is touching the paper. Depth is lost but I am sure that I can get used to it during this recovery. Another problem that happened was that I brought a sheet of watercolor paper (or so I thought) and when I started to wet it, it was more like mat board. I started this painting by first using my darks and connecting them before painting the rest. This is the opposite of the way I was trained where I paint my lightest colors and then add my middle values and then my darks are done last. This is a pretty simple composition and is different from my usual approach. I am back wetting my brushes.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

End of the Beach

This is the end of the beach and is the quiet end in Sayulita, Mexico. There are no commercial places and it is not good for surfing. It is early morning and the shadows cross the beach. The two land masses in the background were overcast when I started the painting but as the sun got higher, they show some color. I use a Soltek easel which I worry about in the sand. Usually I carry small plastic bags to cover the legs at the end but I did not have them with me. It seems as though everything is still in working order as I have used it since.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Morning on the Beach

I painted this picture of the beach in Sayulita, Mexico on my first day. It is a feeling of warmth and familiarity when getting to this place. Lots of beach and crashing waves. Lots of familiar faces and eateries. This is early in the morning before many are down to the beach. The surfers are out there waiting for the perfect wave and a few fishermen are casting. I have never seen them catch a fish. It's okay since they enjoy it.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Beach Access

If you do not have a place on the beach, this is one way to get there. Lots of golf carts down here in Sayulita Mexico and they can drive down and park. I painted this in early afternoon. It was hot but I started in the shade. It did not last long and got very warm in the sun. This body was not built for sun and sand but it loves to be warm. I love the colors in Mexico. They are bright and warm hues. It is not unusual to see atomic pinks with yellow greens or deep violet on the outside of the house. The commercial places often have names of beers, etc. painted directly on the outside wall. It is so nice to be different.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Rocky Shore of Putah Creek

It did not look like a day to paint outdoors. We went to the further end, upstream, of Putah Creek and settled in with some fishermen. The clouds were onerous and the winds were starting. Then, a few bright lights and finally the sun came out. My sky changed from clouds with large areas of black to some blue. I washed out my start and tried to go with the more interesting sky. The rocks are huge and the moss and grasses are very yellow green from all of the rains we've had. The creek is greenish. The rocks look like they could slide into the creek. Dark round holes are in around the bottoms of rocks. Someone might be at home. After a casual start, the winds gained and my pallet went flying. After bungying that down, my painting and backing which were hooked to my easel come right at me. I hurried to a finish as did the others, and we went to lunch.

Monday, February 15, 2016

This is our beehive or rabbit warren. It is beachfront and has many units or suites. This is the path down to ours which is waterfront with its own pool. What luxury. The place is well maintained and even has a guard that goes around the place all night. When painting this at the top of the path, I had plenty of suggestions from those heading to the beach. It was a challenge since the shadows kept changing with the morning sun.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Morning Beachtime

Just Returned from a couple of weeks in Mexico on the Pacific. It was warm, sunny and very restful. I did a lot of reading, eating and some painting. What a life. There is an urge to paint everyday, but good books also have a strong attraction for me. My group likes to party and eat and we had lots of good food. I helped prepare some of it and we found plenty of places with fish. Did this painting early one morning with Susan who hadn't painted for a long time. I took my time and helped her get things started. It is fun to see someone excited about painting again. She is off and running now that she got her painting done. Love Mexico.