Friday, January 29, 2016

Fun with Abstracts

Just finished a series of attempts at abstract art/painting. Lots of fun trying different approaches by a very reassuring teacher. This was a venture that needs time to try lots of sketches before deciding a plan. Reminds me of a recent Coursera coarse on graphic design. It stimulates the creative juices. This was an attempt at using transparent watercolors to catch the colors created by primary colors and then trying to shade them. There are two light sources for shadows. The line work just covers up any confusion(?). This is all imagined after seeing a display this morning.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Sharks at the Beach

I did a quick sketch of my grandkids playing cards while we were in Mexico. They were having a great time. The younger ones want to wager everything and do get away with it. I thought of this as I prepare to head back down to Mexico with friends. The kids are all back in school, mostly in the cold east and would love a return.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Cold Morning at the Train Station

We have not had a lot of opportunities to paint plain air. Lots of rainy days which we desperately need here in Northern California. Visited my favorite site yesterday and painted for a couple of hours in the cold. Yea, we are real wusses when it comes to cold; comes from being too comfortable over the years with warm weather. Most of the trees and shrubs are bare. The station is busy, both with travelers and homeless who gravitate to this location. I am unsure but maybe it is the warm waiting room. The painting has plenty of lost edges and color runs. I like mixing my colors on the paper, feeling that it intensifies the hue. Hope this is the beginning of a run of decent weather.