Saturday, December 28, 2013

Painting With Grandkids

The kids are here for the holidays and we are painting.  Did a quick rooster for them and turned them loose.  They took their paintings with them on a visit to friends so I don't have any to show.  It was fun.  By the way I let the watercolor blossom around the eye and it created the perfect circle for paining in an eye.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Windblown Cypress

Constant wind off the ocean creates beautiful changes in cypress trees.  These hardy trees stand up to the force but the canopy takes the hit.  Here, I painted a cluster of cypress trees on the hill.  The wind effect is evident.  A familiar scene for travelers going along the Pacific coast.  The light source is from the right.  The sailboats are there to create some informal balance to the composition. 

Friday, December 20, 2013

Over My Toes

This was a perspective study originally.  I decided to try it again with a wet into wet approach using bright colors.  The horizon line is 1/3 down from the top.  All of the buildings are below so a lot of roof is seen.  I imagine looking over my toes while sitting in bed.  The wet approach gives some blossoms which I used along the right side of the wharf.  The sky was also an experimental wash with several colors.  It was a fun piece to do.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Care Needed

It was a frosty start yesterday in Arbuckle, CA.  The sun eventually warmed the place.  I chose to paint the old railroad station and stay in the sun.  The station is actually fenced in with a large sign on it requesting donations for restoration.  I remember seeing this beauty several years ago with all sorts of things growing up through the platform and building.  These have all been removed and it just sits there naked.  I removed  the fences but I painted a rickety structure that has plenty of work needed.  The sun created some nice shadows from the exposed beams.

There was not a lot of activity in Arbuckle but a few cars stopped to pick something up on Main St.  A long train rolled by.  The large parking lot remained empty except for a few painters.  It was great to be outside.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wash Day

Several years ago while painting in Acapulco, Mexico, someone took me to the river in the morning.  The water was shallow and strung across the water was laundry, hung out to dry.  There were rows and rows of sheets, clothes billowing in the breeze on makeshift clotheslines.  I climbed over the road fence with my easel and paints and trekked up the river bank.  It was not nice.  Rats scurried and there was garbage and trash all along the water line.  There, I saw the women, scrubbing the laundry.  Some of them had some shade from branches, others did not.  There was an assembly line from the wash tub to the clothesline.  I painted away as the sun rose and it got hot.  This is a redo of that original work.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Blue Car

More indoor painting as our temperature stays cold.  Just thinking about summer and Cape Cod warms me up.  This scene is a complete head shot as I remember Main Street in Harwich Port on Cape Cod.  There always seem to be people cruising up and down between the Kite Shop and George's Pizza.  I have done paintings of both these places many times.  This painting was done with a lot of thought about color.  Wherever possible, I put in complementary colors to create conflict.  I purposely put in many figures to enliven the scene.  My light source is 3/4 Right and I imagined the cast shadows.  All in all, it was an afternoon of fun.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Winter Painting

The Urban Painters retreated inside as the temperature dropped and an arctic blast arrived in town.  What better than paint in Patris's Gallery with hot coffee on hand and even some freshly prepared soup to finish up the morning.  This time of year is when I drag out all of those plein air studies that could be redone or refinished.  The interval is short as I will head to Mexico and be back outside doing my painting. 

This still life is 12X22 and on 300 lb Arches paper.  I loved putting the persimmon reflections on the blue bowl and the on the surface drape.  I also saw this fold in the cloth they were on and put it in.  This careful painting is something that I rarely do when outside.  I am more of a gesture painter and usually leave the details for the viewer to add.