Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My Beach

My beach is just down the road from my cottage.  It is a friendly place with lots of kids and families.  I exaggerated the umbrella in the foreground to create the focal point.  I was tempted to put more figures into the painting but didn't want the 'where's Waldo' look.  I will do it again and try that approach.  On any weekend day there are many umbrellas, kids and swimmers.  I am not a beach guy, but do go there with my sketch pad and gather material.  I sketch in the cast shadow of a big beach umbrella.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sesuit Harbor

Wednesday was our plein air day.  My late arrival left me alone with the Harbormaster who had lots of stories about the harbor.  Meanwhile, some very large thunderhead clouds began forming and passing over the area.  I did this painting quicker than usual and let it remain as done.  There are so many boats anchored in the harbor that it was difficult to choose what to paint.  I intended to paint more on the left but thought that if I speeded up I could get away before the rain. 
It did start to rain just as I put my easel away.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Busy Corner of Harwich Port

Painting on the Main St of Harwich Port, MA is informative.  This pizza joint is a very busy place in the afternoon.  A little further down the street is The Kite Shop.  I have painted this building many times.  Harwich Port is bustling with summer vacationers.  Everyone stops for something at this section of Main Street.  This was a very quick sketch because the Port was getting ready for the Wednesday 'Music in the Port' which turns out hundreds of families and kids and almost completely blocks the street, which is Route 28.  There are 5 different bands playing and moving around.  Lots of temporary food stands appear and plenty of ice cream is served.  It just doesn't get any better.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Brewster Grist Mill

It was so nice to be out painting yesterday.  I've had 3 false starts and finally finished a plein air painting.  Brewster is a quaint old town on Cape Cod with this nice park and the Grist Mill.  The water runs down behind and in front of the paddle wheel.  It was a cool shady morning at the start but the sun finally caught up with me.  I had several interested vacationers come by and comment.

We are in a prolonged heat wave and, fortunately, I have A/C at my cottage so get a good nights' sleep.  Have been cooking with the clams I harvest from the harbor and have had plenty of happy  diners.  It is hectic around here but fun with all of the family and friends from years past.  Celebrated my grandson's 9th birthday with an ice cream cake and lots of presents.  It is great to see these kids on the beach going from one activity to another.