Saturday, April 27, 2013

Vineyard at Brooks Farm

Was late arriving at the Art/Ag project in Brooks CA but did a few sketches and then started painting.  What a glorious day for plein air painting.  It couldn't be better for getting outside to paint.  So many details become apparent when painting on site as opposed to the studio using sketches and photos.  The shadows dazzle you on a sunny day.  This painting was done entirely on location and in an hour and half.  Sometimes when rushed, you find some new skills or results.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Putting the Boat into the Water

A springtime ritual is putting the boat into the water.  This is an overall warm painting and the focal point of boat and figures is framed by the dark wooden fence structure.  This creates the darkest dark/lightest light focus.  It is a vertical format to give the relative size to the figures. 

Monday, April 15, 2013

A Friend Indeed

Have been traveling and entertaining guests, and it has upset my art discipline. Generally, I engage daily with painting and variations such as, figure drawing, plein air painting and studio work.  It amazes me how quickly I can lose this after traveling for a week and having house guests for another week.  I wouldn't give up any of this but must get back to painting.  My friend, the Davis Train Station, is always there and has been used for a thousand variations in my work.  Returning to the subjects I got away from and my artistic inertia goes away.  The practiced familiar working habits and familiar subjects help me to hang on.  This is a very important discovery for me.  I'm sure that others have rituals that keep them working.

 I spent the afternoon painting the station and feeling wonderful.  It was warm and sunny and the location  was quiet.  Being a Sunday, it meant unlimited parking, so I just took my time and concentrated.  This subject never fails to jump start me.  I will be ready for the upcoming paint outs and plein air classes that I will be teaching.