Monday, February 21, 2011

En Plein Air Painting on Mexican Beaches

There is the roar of the surf in Troncones Mexico. No one else is on the entire beach but you. Those are my foot prints and, unless you count the busy trails left by hermit crabs at night, there is little other to distract you from painting. I next moved to Playa la Ropa beach in Zihuatanejo where you do find people but in very small numbers compared with past years. February is the high season for visitors but they are not coming because of our press coverage of banditos. It is a shame that it is considered unsafe for travel because this is a very safe and secure region.

I have been coming here to paint and surf for 13 years. There is nothing like it; morning awakening to an ocean view over your toes. Another warm sunny day in paradise.


pattrisha said...

This is my the mood, setting, colors...I'd like to move right in!

Dave said...

As such, there is no place to stay on the spot, but there are a few hotels and restaurants in Tulum village. Beside, there are plenty of resort type places, cabaƱas (beach huts) and campsites along the coast road south to Punta Allen.

Wayfarer beach house