Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cantelow Redux

It was such a beautiful day this weekend that I ended back up on Cantelow Road outside of Winters. I just painted away and encouraged the bike riders huffing their way up the hill. What a great spot. That is the Sacramento Valley in the distance between the hills. The hills are still green but with the 90 degree heat this week, they won't stay green too long.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Meditaranean Alley

This was a quick sketch from memory and it turned into a very high key watercolor. I am sure that I could add much more but like the composition and its simplicity. I did the painting on the back of an old painting done on hot press. At one time most of my work was done on hot press watercolor, but I stay away from it now. It is so difficult to do even washes on hot press paper.
With return of warm weather I need to be outside painting plein air. Maybe a trip to a Greek Isle is in order.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Retired Barn

This is another of my Winters' Plein Air paintings done last week. I am not sure how retired this barn is since it had a well worn path to the front. The hills in the background create a nice value in contrast to the warm notes of the grasses. I had plenty of visitors while painting and the sun was warm. The light was almost overhead.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cantelow Road

This is a painting of Cantelow Road which is the best backroad I can ever imagine. I found this place last year while painting in Winters CA. I have now painted it several times. Each time it is awesome. You can see the Sacramento Valley and almost to the Sierra Mountains from atop the road. The other side of the hill offers a view of Pleasant Valley which I want to paint the next time I am there. The painting sold before the reception for the Winters Plein Air Festival. It was fun painting it and meeting the new owner.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Winters Plein Air Painting is Over

This was the 2nd annual paint in which lasted 6 days. Some days were very windy and even cold. I got over to Winters for 3 half days and one full one. It is a wonderful spot for painters with barns, valleys and mountains. I painted at the end of town in my attempt to shield myself from a gusting wind. It was done on 300lb Arches watercolor paper which was previously adhered to quarter inch foam core. This allowed me to use gel and then varnish. I then put it into a float frame that we came up with. Looks like an oil and there is no glass. I was worried that it would turn out 'crafty appearing', but I like it. Anyway, I have this and two others in the show with a reception tonight.